How to brew the Tubho Tea the Ivatan Way

11:28 AM Jess Lauchengco 2 Comments

We got our Tubho Tea leaves from Sabtang, Batanes. We had a free taste there and eventually wanted to bring home some leaves

There are alot of health benefits you get from Tubho Tea according to the Ivatan Ladies who sold it to us:

1. It cleanses your blood
2. Good for diabetics, lowers your blood sugar
3. Most of Ivatans last until 90years of age, they say, Drinking Tubho is one of their secrets

So how do you prepare it back in the city?

1. Get a small bunch of the leaves. (i get around 6-9pieces

2. Prepare 1 litre of water

3. Put the water and the tea leaves together in a pan and bring the water to boil

4. Wait till the color of water turns into tea-like brown. (around 15-20mins)

5. If you want it hot, just remove the leaves that you used and then serve it. You can also add sugar if you like. If you want it cold, just transfer it to your container and put it in the fridge

The leaves can be reused again and again until the color doesn't show up anymore when you boil it.

The Taste

Without Sugar: Just like your ordinary tea but less bitter
With Sugar: More of like Wintermelon / Gulaman Taste

We don't have lemon and honey yet, but I'll be trying adding some juice and honey to know the taste when I get to the supermarket.

I'm more of an iced person these days since it's terribly hot in Manila. So I have a tubho tea stored in our fridge whenever I feel like drinking something healty.

Anyone enjoying drinking Tubho Tea just like me or anyone curious? Share it on my comments section! :)


  1. also got some Tubho tea from Sabtang.. This is their kind of coffee. Just add a little brown sugar and it's a good drink before and after meals. Not bitter..

  2. I've bought some Tubho tea five months ago but haven't used it then. It is stored in room temperature. Is it still OK?