Fuze Resto-Lounge: Chinese and Booze in Soliven Ave, Marikina City!

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“Food Brings People Together” as what they say. It is the main goal of Fuze Resto-Lounge, a chinese resto / bar located in Soliven Ave. in Marikina City. They want families and group of people to come together and have a feast in their humble place. The resto was named fuzed because of it’s “fuzion” of everything. From being a bar, lounge and a Chinese resto. And even their menu, aside from the staple Chinese dishes, they also tried to incorporate items that our entirely different.

I was so lucky to join their foodie/blogger event. Thank you Aldous for  inviting me. The first floor was were we gathered to sample their menu. They served us the following dishes..
Salt and Pepper Squid - P250
Mixed Seafood Noodles - P220
Crispy Lemon Chicken - P220
My personal favorite would be.. of course, the shabu-shabu (don’t judge me, i’m fat! haha) and the broccoli with oyster sauce..
Shabu Shabu Set - P799
Broccoli with Oyster Sauce - P200, Hai Nan Curry Beef Brisket -P245, Sweet and Sour Chicken - P220
For the dessert, we had buchi with a stronger peanut taste..
Buchi - P60
We also went for the dimsum, Hakao anyone? -P90
We toured the Lounge upstairs but It's only open during weekends. The chairs and sofas are comfortable to chill with friends. If you love listening to live bands, they also have that in Fuze!
If you wanna get Chinese, Fuze Resto-Lounge is the answer to that. And when you feel like having drinks after, it’s just a floor away. For foodies who wants to go food spotting in Soliven Ave. Marikina, Fuze is the only Chinese Resto (so far) in the area. They have an extensive menu from appetizer, Dim sum, congee, hot pot, soup, chicken, vegetables, pork, beef, seafood, noodles and a lot more!!!

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Anyone who went here with their families? Raise your hands up in the comments area! :)