Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: Coffee and Motorcycles Gone Wild

4:17 PM Jess Lauchengco 0 Comments

If there's anything that I would want to do all over again from my Vietnam Trip, It's Drinking 2 Cups of Iced Coffee during breakfast, drinking a cup of coffee by lunch time and guess what's the last, yeah, still drinking  a cup of Coffee by dinner time. 

Photo Credit: Sophia Gonzales
But beyond the best coffee cup (ive tasted so far). There's the French architecture preserved from their colonization. Vương cung thánh đường Đức Bà Sài Gòn translated to Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica + sunflowers + birds was such a lovely sight

Vietnamese Street Vendors would know that I'm a Filipina because of how petite i am. "Small... like... us" (with hand gestures), said the Auntie. No wonder, the Viets fitted in such Claustrophobic space called the Cu Chi Tunnels during the war.

Viets drive the motorcycle like a boss! The technique here is just to continue walking and the drivers will avoid you!

For Beer drinkers, there's this drink named after the city. Compared to Philippine Beer, its a much lighter version of San Mig light, so imagine how tasteless it is.

Underground places to every tourist are the quirky and artsy cafes. Almost every photos I see about Saigon are with the Vietnamese hats, grass, and the like. It's not as provincial as some people think, hello, every place I went to is a public wifi spot. I got to check-in on my foursquare account more often.

Money's a bit confusing, you get to pay stuff in million dong. Well, Hello there, Rich Lady!