How to go to Santo Singkong Buddhist Church, Tondo Manila

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I've always been an explorer of everything. I was baptized as a Catholic when i was young. And until now, I am a Catholic (but i would admit that i'm not that religious anymore). Other Philosophies I respect and believe in is the Buddhist and Taoist Philosophies. 

Besides visiting the Catholic Church, I also visit temples from time to time, and pray and offer incense sticks. I feel at ease whenever i'm in a temple, the smell of each prayer offered as an incense stick calms me down. I get anxiety attacks most of the time, so what i do is try to ask the gods for answers. Luckily, Santo singkong answers questions thru sticks and pebble stones.

To know Santo Singkong's Story:

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Santo Singkong Buddhist Church Address: 657 Morga Street, Tondo, Manila. 
Open every day from 6.00 am till 5.00 pm. 

I've searched on the Internet how to go to Tondo by commuting and i found nothing. So i bravely went to Tondo alone to find this peaceful place and it was worth it. See directions below:

Coming from Quezon City: (done this by walking)

1)Take the LRT 1 (Munoz Station) - LRT 1 (Doroteo Jose Station)
2)From Doroteo Jose Station there's  a bridgeway that connects to LRT 2(Recto station)
3)Pass thru the exits of Recto Station and take a jeep saying "divisoria/168"
4)From where the Jeep Stops (just before Divi, that Claro M. Recto St./Ave)
5)You have to walk straight until you reach the intersection of Ylaya Street and CM Recto Street (look for Benison Shopping Center)
6)Turn Right (Ylaya street), go straight until you reach the intersection of Ortega St. and Ylaya (Landmark: Sto. Nino Church)
7)Turn Right and walk straight until you reach the intersection of Ortega St. and Morga street (Landmark: Police Station)
8)Turn Right (Morga street) walk until you see the temple located on the right side

From Ylaya St. Until Santo Singkong (Map)
How to ask questions?
1)Kneel, state your name, address, date of birth and ask your question (you may say it aloud or mentally)
2)Pick one stick (with number), take note of the no. and ask "Santo Singkong is this the answer to my question?"
3)Throw the Pebble Stones, if both faces are different the answer is yes. If teh result is both faces the answer is no, try to throw the stone agian (until 3 times)
4)If the answer is still no, pick up another stick and throw the stones again until it says yes
5)When the answer is yes already, Look for the piece of paper with the corresponding number (the caretaker may help you on this)
6)And that's the question to your answer