Shanghai, China: Eat, Pray and Art Attack

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It took me 2 months to realize that I have to post my birthday trip in Shanghai, China. Since it's 2 months already, i'm having a hard time remembering everything. I do remember the 11 lines of train, Sasa Stores, H&M everywhere, Coke Regular is hard to find, 0 degrees Celsius since it's winter season, Facebook and Twitter's not allowed, and i would add up to that.. (ill try to remember)

Besides everything I said, These are the highlights:

My Favorite Quirky Cafes:

The best coffee in shanghai is in Cafe Dan (It is also a Coffee Roasting Institute):
The best coffee i ever tasted next to Trung Nguyen of Vietnam
I bought home High Roasted Grounds. hee!

Sweet Seasons Cafe: This is so hard to find because it's located inside
residential areas of Nanjing Xi Lu. The Best French Chocolate.
And oh, the owner's type of music is hipster-ish.

This is located at Tian Zi Fung: An old looking scottish cafe with Cat Photos
and real cute cats around.
The Xiao Long Bao.

Din Tai Fung: We waited around 20-25 mins just to get a table.

                                           Hairy Crab Roe Xiao Long Bao

Red Bean Xiao Long Bao: This is awesome.

The HUGE Xiao long Bao with the straw and everything else.
A food court in Yu Yuan Garden.

Visited The Bund.

Big Ben's Replica, Gorgeous Right?!


West Nanjing Lu


East Nanjing Lu: They have the big  GlassApple Store 

Had an Artsy Fartsy Experience: Tian zi fung

Jing'An Temple: It had around 6-8 Stations of the Gods. I was so amazed.