Concerts & Buffets

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Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday Tour in Manila at the SM Arena

The first and last photo I got from the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Concert before  the batt
went exhausted. Love the hearts bokeh <3 Bad globe 3g signal (ironic)

Robotosan Dinner Buffet at the Fort: They had the choices of meat flavors in spicy or bulgogi.
Katsudon was salty and the pasta too. But i loved the shrimp kebabs,  loins, & fishes

Well, This is good
Chair Design

I didn't try the dimsum and pizza (but steph did). Salmon was great accg to Kaye

David Cook in Manila 2012

He was so charming! I love the way he laughed, you feel the sincerity!
Love the few "emo" songs! haha! Who left this cool guy heartbroken?

Lunch Buffet Christening of my 2nd Cousin Nicca at Sir Boy's Food Republique

Escabeche was my favorite. Kare-kare and Kansi was good too!

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