Sweet Ecstasy's Soft Opening in Cubao X

10:01 PM Jess Lauchengco 0 Comments

Sweet Ecstasy - I happened to discover this new dessert place with my college friends.  We were celebrating Lena's Birthday last Saturday.
The owners were still doing this sign before we went in
Obviously with their name sign, "Milk + Cookies" is not just their specialty but the only thing they are serving in their cafe. I asked one of the owners why and he said that Milk and Cookies will always together. When you crave for Milk, you'll think of cookies too and vice versa.

Aside from the Milk + Cookies comes Chris, their staff who does Magic. So while enjoying the sweets you get to see his card tricks and his other stuff.

The Milk Choices comes in Full or 2%. And sizes were 1/4 Carafe / 1/2 Carafe / 1 Carafe. I've always pronounced Carafe as Ca-ra-fey but I just learned that it's supposed to be Ca-raf! hahaha

Their Cookies were chewy and comes in these flavors: Milo, Toblerone, Choco Chip, Maltesers, Reeses' + Choco Chip and Butterscoth + Bacon. 

Their Interiors were just white, blackboards with chalk writings and frames with people (i'm not sure who they were) enjoying Milk and Cookies. Owners: Al & Monica were very accommodating.