Jess in 591 words according to a friend. So touching. huhuhu

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Jess is a very interesting girl. Aside from her extremely beautiful almond-shaped eyes, she had always kept her flare on being awesome. She’s equipped with wonderful stories, activities, randomness and most of all her passion.

She always dresses up on the cutesy side, wearing poufy skirts, bow clips and shades of pink. It’s because she had always had this belief that she was a princess from another life. Though it’s not obvious, she also has a geeky side – knowing how to code, reading techy stuff, trying to hack and attempting to do an app.
Her frustration was to be a Veterinarian but never pursued because she is Chelonaphobic and Ranidaphobic. Nevertheless, she’s still an animal welfare advocate, taking care of her rescue dog and her rescue dog’s daughter.

She also has depressing stage-the moment she can’t stop crying, eats everything chocolate (from real bars, cake, drink), wanting to die right away just not to feel the hurt and pain. And then all of a sudden, you see her the next day being the most positive person ever – as if nothing happened. That’s her gift, being able to move on easily and not to hold grudges. Or maybe it has something to do with her being bipolar. And oh, if you find her staying in somebody else’s house, she’s running away from her feelings, trying to distract herself.

She came from a musically-inclined family. Though she doesn’t show the world how great she is, it’s something that can’t escape her life. She was borne with such skills. Whenever she sees someone performing she’d always say “mas magaling naman ako jan” but never had the guts to do it.

Aside from being musically-inclined, she is one artsy person. She loves taking photographs but not seriously. She loves to watch indie films especially the East Asian ones (Thai, Taiwanese or Korean) but ironically (something she will not admit publicly) loves to watch John Lloyd Films.

Bookish Person- She always dreamt of having her own quirky library. She tends to question rich people who don’t invest on putting up their own library. Where she grew up are piles of law books and her favorite is the constitution. She has “the eye” – If you ask her, “Is it beautiful?” She will answer with a straight yes or no and elaborate why.

She’s not afraid to be alone. Whenever she feels like doing something -if someone tags along then it’s alright with her and if not she pushes thru without hesitation. She knows where to find great food, coffee, places, books, events and stuff. Exploring & Learning – that’s her most favorite thing to do next to traveling.

If there’s something you’d ask her to do and you’re not gonna pay for it, it’s traveling. She loves plane turbulence, train rides, walking on sidewalks, talking to people who don’t understand her, reading public signs, following the map and still ends up getting lost. She’d always look for Buddhist temples.

Love life?  She says she has this one great love but never closes a door for a new opportunity. In other words, she’s waiting. She’s waiting for her one great love to come back and at the same time waiting for a new love to knock on her door. Either way.

She keeps on nagging people, what is her strength? What is her “specific” passion because she tends to do everything? Hey Jess, you know what your passion is? It’s giving. Giving all your heart in everything you do whether it be something geeky, musically, artsy, new age-ish or hippie.