Read: Silver Linings Playbook

12:23 AM Jess Lauchengco 0 Comments

This is a story closed to my heart.

I'm amazed with Tiffany, she's one hell of a character. She's a mixed of someone depressed, someone who loves to mindfuck but also seen as a graceful and hot woman.

While I lovethe way Pat People's handle the things that makes him go berserk. And it will be something that ill be tryng out whenever i feel the same way. Though I dont have any Kenny G's that I hate.

I was not engaged with the story but I was more engaged in the situation. Somehow it gave out how the minds and hearts of someone who has a mental disorder confuse each other. As I was reading it, i was giving out a half smile coz it explained what it needed to explain.

with the movie: im giving it. a 3.5/5 -Im hard to please with this, as a i was saying, its a story closed to my heart. :)