What makes a perfect day: Travel the world

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I've been reading gala darling a lot, and she's one hell of an inspiration. I haven't read the love and sequins yet but looking at the excerpts--ill just fall in love with it. So from gala's works, I'll do this What makes a perfect day stint more often :)

i've always been amazed with travellin abroad. I love meeting a percentage of people who's totally different from me. The barriers make it more interesting. I love my country too, we have the coolest people on earth (yeah!).

So how do i travel?

1. Get Lost. I walk alot whenever i travel, whatever time of the day. I've always got lost, see the same building twice and then ends up getting a cab. I'd usually look for a policeman for directions but  still doesn't get it right. Getting lost is part of the best things when you travel, it's when you actually take a control of yourself. and sometimes getting lost brings you to something better.

2. Hoard at the Local Supermarket. It will always be part of the itinerary to go to a local supermarket.  Im never a tourist, but im more of a traveller. I don't go to places you see on the postcards but i try to feel what it's like to live there. So I get the local food and bring home the best to share it to the ones i love.

3. Sending a postcard to myself. This one's exciting, some of the postal offices are few. So I get to explore more just to send a postcard to myself. It's the joy of getting your paper love 2-3 months after you travel. I write stuff like, "you will always be magical shheez".  It's a happy reminder from yourself from another place.

4. Coffee. Need I say more? It's always a must. I'm a hoarder of this, anywhere in the world.

5. Limited Edition Chocolates. Even at the 711 stores I look for this. You get to taste sweetness that was never produced in your own motherland.

6. Pray at the temples. There will always be a Chinese/Buddhist temple somewhere. And yes! I pray a lot!

7. Spending time in a cozy cafe. I love this feeling: when you have a good read, a shuffled ipod playlist, a couch you want to sleep in and that wonderful cup of coffee

and then the usual sight seeing, dining at the restaurants, party if there's time, shop - i can go on with or without it: im done with that phase that i want to own everything, have all the clothes and accessories. I donated everything and left a good pile of The best ones.

That for me, is the perfect day to travel :)

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