Coinstar: Converts change into cash

3:38 PM Jess Lauchengco 2 Comments

Being the thrifty girl that I am, I really searched for ways for my pennies and quarters to be converted into bills so I can still have it changed to peso. So voila, I found coinstar - a machine that converts changes into cash. They do have 9% charge but still its better than to not use the remaining change at all. I found one in Albertsons San Dimas.

So how do you use the coinstar machine.

Its a green machine you find at the entrance, usually beside the lottery machine

You first choose which one would you like to have. In my case, it's cash voucher. There are other choices like paypal, egiftcertificates and to charity.
With egifts and charity, there is no fee collected by the machine.

And then you put all your coins in the coin box and then it will start counting everything

It may look like this. And then wait for it to count everything and press done

And then it will print a cash voucher. You need to take it to the cashier and she will give you the cash equivalent

So i still have extra 30dollars for dinner when i get back home. Yey to coinstar!


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