Trying out the secret cars of Uber Manila!

9:14 AM Jess Lauchengco 0 Comments

There is Uber in the Philippines already!!! When i heard that uber was here already, it was last year around December. I've seen people i follow in instagram, trying it out.

I suddenly remember to dowbload the app and did sign up this Feb 2014. When i first signed up, I tried it out right away. I have a free credit of 300php the first time,you can have a free 200php credit too if you sign up and use my promo code: jlhtu

So how does it go?

First, you go to the app and it will automatically detect/gps where you are. Pick where your ride ends, and then confirm payment. Payment is thru credit card so you don't need to bring cash with you.

When your payment is confirmed already. it will show you where the car is, kind of car,  the driver (his rating), time you have to wait till he gets there and the plate no.

Our driver, kuya Chris called us right away and asked where is our exact location. He is so nice, he told us that it is a bit traffic and he is sorry if we have to wait. And then he came..

While we were on the road, the app also showed in the map our moving location. Kuya Chris also asked us if there was a prefered route that we wanted. Inside, it was a full-sedan experience, it was a comfy ride for us.

When we arrived at our destination. He just clicked the "end trip" button and then the receipt was emailed to me.

Coming from San Juan till QC, our ride cost 296.13. Not bad for a comfy ride rather than get a cab that is too narrow and sometimes have a busty aircon. One more thing is that knowing that it is an Uber service, it makes you feel safe. Btw, my total was zero because as ive told earlier i got the 200php credit for my first ride, you can get it too by using my code: jlhtu.

Breakdown - Fare Rates - Pricing
Base Fare: 90php
Distance: 12.92km or
Time: 2.10php per min

There is also a drop-off point option. You can drop off your friend on the way.

I will definitely Uber again when it's coding or when the car is used by someone else.

Update: As of December 2014:
I've been using Uber X as another option and oh boy their fare rates is just like a normal cab's rate. :)

check out their manila site: