Baler 2015: What's Baler like after 4 years?

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I have been to Baler 4years ago. I still remember that back then most of the people that go there are hardcore surfers. Being the brave woman that I am, It was the first time I tried surfing knowing I didn't know how to swim. Well. I came from a bad breakup that time.. so there.. HAHAHAHAHA! There we're no establishments back then, We brought our baon along with us. Lucky me, I had a friend who is based there, so her family toured us around Baler without a hassle.

After 4 years now, I was back during Holyweek 2015. I am with my beau's family, it felt like, Baler was something new to me again, because it's way too different from the Baler I know. The Roadtrip: Back then, it was the real 10 hours, but now in 2015 it's just the 6-hour drive.

Sunrise and Sunsets Forever 

The mother falls! I don't remember but probably it was the baby falls that we went to before that's why I wore a dress. Not knowing the mother falls is different

Dialyn's Bakery!!!! Our favorite breakfast of all time! not really just breakfast but any time of the day! Yema Bread and Kiwi Cupcake!

Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel Coffee! 

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