The art of natural self healing by Van Gogh Is Bipolar

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VGIB feels like a home to me. I had several blogs about it before and it NEVER fails to fascinate me. It feels that my soul is at peace whenever I go there. Looking back, It was April 2010, when I first went there. After that day, I've always come back (home).

I've been in a long hiatus of going there when it changed it's business policies, when you had to have reservations due to limited seats. Everytime my schedule gets free, The resevations list is already full.

And then all of a sudden, I found out on Facebook that they were back to "no reservations necessary". And then Jethro has a new inspiring thing to share to his diners or i would say his friends because that's how he treats everyone who goes to his home. VGIB is also his home so that's why you needed to take off your shoes when you go inside.

By the time I went back, I was so excited to see an old friend, but he's not around because he is on a mission up north to give Educational materials to students in remote areas.

So what was this new thing in VGIB? It's the art of natural self healing. We were given a guide book on how to do the whole process. So here's what we did..

We chose our hats / and head gear inside. (I have always believed that Jeth was like the madhatter)

We went to his serene patio outside and took 4-10 deep breaths

We drank a shot of coconut oil from a test tube (vco had great healing benefits, we all know that).. so cheers!

We also drank the alkalizing potion from an erlenmayer flask. Baking soda + Alkaline water which was known for blasting out cancer cells

And then we went to the dark room of secrets, grabbed an "invisible" pen and wrote our darkest secrets / demons

And then went to that Red Wall and expressed our love..

We chose our teapots and brewed our own mood teas. I chose mango which is the happy tea (my all-time favorite too)

We ate our sumptuous healing meals..

For the dessert, I had the wholesome one...

While they went for the sinful one.. Mel Gibson's darkest sin...

We missed to do one activity because we  were running late for a meeting already. But that is.. You sit on the thinking table and you write to your most beloved one the things you really wanna say to her.. People will never know who she/he is.. because you just start it with "dear ____", you have to leave it blank..

As I am writing now, I really just can't contain how happy I am. It's past midnight and I'm so inspired to write everything about it. Well, I'm still playing with my baby dog, rubbing her belly. It's funny that some people find the place weird, but for me.. being weird is the most beautiful thing you could ever be. I'm totally not the norms girl and I'm not afraid to say that.

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How about you? What are the weird things that you really consider beautiful? Would you want to try the art of natural self healing too?