Part 1: The unimaginable things that Batanes Offers

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I have never imagine that it was possible to go to Batanes anytime soon.. but hey! The incredible universe attracted me to go and experience a place full of beauty and good character. We were so blessed enough that during our scheduled flight there, the sun shines out and was smiling.

Bodies of Water

Valugan Boulder Beach (North Batan)

          Nakabuang Beach (Sabtang)

Historical Churches
Immaculate Concepcion Church (North Batan)

Mount Carmel Church (North Batan)

St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel (Sabtang)

Hideouts and Tunnels

Japanese Hideout Tunnels (North Batan)

Healthy Food


           Lunis - Ivatan adobo

Oved - meatballs made from banana root

    Venes - made from Gabi Stem

Payi - Lobster

Time Traveler's Blank Pages
I've enjoyed this alot since i love doodling much. I picked up my bday 225 and When I get back, I'll get to see it again

           (South Batan)

Hills, Hills and Hills

The view when you go out of the Tunnel

Jess and Ariel
     Rolling Hills ( North Batan)

      Chavayan (Sabtang)

jess and ariel
     Marlboro Hills (South Batan)

Gorgeous Flowers 
This flower that looks like almost paper is called Vietnam Rose

Vietnam Rose in Batanes

There are a lot of unimaginable things in Batanes that I haven't posted here yet. I'll be posting a part 2 Batanes Post. :)

Anyone going to Batanes? Our guide was Kuya Lito - 0918 2167440. Since we were just 2, we requested for just tryke to minimize expenses. But if you're around 4, he can also go for a van. Let him know that you were refered by Jess, so he'll take good care of you! :)