10 Good Reasons why you Should go to Super Duck Modern Teashop

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1. You get to choose your own tea base
They have a lot of tea base to choose from -- black, green, white, oolong, wintermelon, coffee, sakura green and etc. 

According to owners Steve and Dennis, they make sure that tea leaves are always 

2. They use "real" fresh fruits not just syrup
Be sure to order their wintermelon drink.  It's not always available when there's no harvest. The taste is different from other milk tea places because they
cook the fruit itself.

The wintermelon nai-ka blend: wintermelon + naika + himalayan rock salt and almond powder

Another advice is when you try their passionfruit, eat/drink it's perilla seeds, the flavor comes from the seed

3. They source some of their fruits from local farmers
I'm a big fan of social enterprises and I admire this part. They source their mangoes from Apari and some passion fruits from Bacolod.

4. Aside from the drinks, their Quackers are also healthy since they are all vegan

     Asian Veggie Dumplings

Veggie pasta carbonara - the ham is veggie meat

5. They use cane sugar as a sweetener
Cane Sugar is known to have low Glycemic Index. 

6. Love spiked drinks? They call it Unique Blends
The blends are Heineken Green Tea, Bacardi Cider Juice Pop, Almond Khalua Milk and Bailey's Milk Tea.

My personal favorite from the unique blends is the Bailey's Milk Tea with their fresh pearl sinker.

The heineken green tea is sweet with passion fruit taste

7. You'd want more than just one kind of sinker
If you like the healthy kind, try the grass jelly which is low in calories. Some other options are Fig Jelly, Perilla Seeds, Pudding Jelly, and Nai-ka Cheese. 

8. They have 4 branches that is easy to find
They have branches in Ortigas, D. Tuazon, ABS-CBN the loop and SM Cyberwest. 

   This one is in SM Cyberwest

9. You can also ask if you want your base to be in a tea bag
Look at those adorable lavender flowers

10. They have drinks for everyone
They have a lot of Fresh Flavor Tea, Milk Tea, Perfect Juices, Unique Blends, Nai-Kai Series, Yakult Series and Fruit Tea.

Contact them at:
Superduck Facebook: SuperDuckTea
Instagram: @Superducktea

Anyone excited to try Super Duck Modern Teashop? Comment below! :)

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