Beni's Falafel: The Quick Healthy Fix

12:53 AM Jess Lauchengco 2 Comments

Beni's Falafel in Makati is not that hard to find. It's just right beside A.Venue along Valdez Street, though they will be moving to A.Venue soon. Beni's Falafel is a quick healthy fix. A Falafel is made from chickpeas so It can be considered as a vegan food.

Their hot sauce compliments well with the Falafel, but be careful with putting a lot of it, though. And let's don't forget it's Tahini Sauce (made from sesame seeds).

There's not much customers when we came here on a weekday afternoon. Most come by just to take out. I will be coming back for their other bestseller, the Shakshuka. They also have appetizers and rice meals.

Their Price as of June 2015 for Beni's Felafel:
Beni's Falafel - P165
Half Dose - P90
*I will recommend for you not to get the half, coz it's really small. And beside, it's vegan, why not go for the bigger one!

Recommended Budget per pax:
If you're getting just a falafel and a drink (P300)
If you're going with other part of the menus: (P500)

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  1. So I live in the Middle East (where falafel originates) but I still haven't tried a single falafel my whole life. How lame am I?

    1. I'm pretty sure that you'll enjoy it!!!! Try it and please please please tell me about it! :)