National Museum Entrance is FREE until the end of June 2015

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National Museum of the Philippines

National Museum's FREE entrance was extended till last day of June 2015! Hooray for that!

On a normal Saturday, Ariel and I will usually eat or stay at home watching TV series while playing with our baby dogs but this Saturday was more of artsy or i would say pre-histroric. I am the creative one in our relationship and it's nicest gesture of him, joining me in activities like this.

I have never been this amazed when I saw THE Spoliarium. It feels like a new destination whenever I travel.

It was just then that I realized that I love white sculptures and Oil in Canvass Paintings. My favorite Gallery was Gallery IV - The Fundacion Santiago Hall with Academic and Neoclassical Sculpture.
In our future home, I would want some of the white sculptures!!!

Gallery 6 of National Museum Philippines

I really love the texture of an Oil in Canvass Artwork. We had humanities back in college, but I probably wasn't listening at all that's why I was awestruck with this one just now.

Things to remember:
Parking: You only park in front of the museum so you better go there during weekdays so you have available space.

Things you can bring: Cameras, Cellphones, Wallets and Valuables. Other than that, you need to leave it at the baggage counter

Restroom: There's a lot

3G/LTE: Slow for Globe

Eating or Drinking is not allowed inside

The National Museum is a good place to refresh history and enliven your creativity inside. I must admit, I need to review on history and arts since I don't know the names of our national artist at all. There are some that I saw that sounds familiar and some are not. There are a lot of artworks made by our national hero, Jose Rizal himself.


If you have extra time, go to the National Museum. Entrance is FREE until June 2015!