Tamagoya: Tamagoya Ramen Verdict

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Before heading to Fuze-Resto Lounge Foodie meet-up, we first headed to Tamagoya. A lot have been taking about this and we also could not let go of the chance to pass by since it's rare for us to be in Marikina (particularly in Soliven). I haven't done food spotting in Lilac either.

Since we were about to try the food in Fuze, we opted to just buy one bowl of ramen for sharing. We ordered Tamagoya Ramen, one of their best sellers according to the staff. I'm curious to try Stamina, but I was a little bit hesitant (next time!;))

Tamagoya Ramen just had that right kind of blend. I was expecting a strong smell from the bamboo shoots, but I didn't even notice it. We were really lucky because by the time we went in, there were a lot of available seats in the ground floor. It makes you feel you're in Japan, but in a narrow space, I'd say. The order comes right away and one of my fave restaurant gestures, they served water first (no need to ask for it: pet peeve!)!

After a few mins, we we're amazed with how much foot traffic came in. They were all led upstairs which I did not had a chance to take a glance of but i'm pretty sure, that the house is full. Tamagoya Ramen did taste delicious but there was something else, that I'm still looking for.. I probably will get those answers from Stamina or Gumoko (which everyone orders). Price points are affordable since a bowl can be really shared by two people.

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I'm pretty sure that I missed a lot from Tamagoya since we only ordered 1 dish, 
What are your favorites from this Japanese Place? Let me know in the comments! :)