Turning 26: Birthday Week in Hongkong

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Celebrated my 26th birthday in Hong Kong. It was quite simple but more meaningful to me. My end goal here was just to make a wish at the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees, but all other things are random (and also a blessing). Had 2 airbnb bookings, because it was CNY, everything else is fully booked. The first one, we stayed on Jordan Road and then the 2nd one was located at Mongkok. I will have a separate review about our airbnb stay in HK.
View from our Jordan Studio

Endless Walking at IFC Mall
Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees
I've always wanted to do this, I always see this in Taiwanese Series (hehehehe). Since it was CNY, LTWT is an attraction to tourist and even locals. So how do you make a wish? You buy the mandarin orange and wishing paper, you check for your wish /write it. Tie the orange using the red ribbon And then you throw everything into the wishing tree. You should throw it until it hangs on a branch/leaves.
Mandarin Orange and Wish Paper
1st time try: Successfully did it
As you normally see, even locally, I eat a lot! Food will always be a highlight whenever I travel (especially desserts and coffee)
Our favorite breakfast / snack located at the 1st floor our building

PIERRE HERME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
 Hole-In-A-Wall Joint with 3rd Wave coffee
The Best Coffee in Hong Kong. As Ariel said, it's FRESH (with all the bubbles)
Everybody's Favorite Street Food in Hongkong: The Egg Cup Cake

No doubt Anthony Bourdain loves this place. 
English: They have an english version of their menu. 
Recommends: Rice Flour Rolls / Mushroom and Chicken Rice
Price: Reasonable
You have to reserve if you want to try this, they have limited supply
so they don't give it out to walk-ins
Celebrated my Birthday Salubong here with my best birthday cake ever!
Chocolate Mousse with Crunchy Ganache, Raspberries, and a dash of Grand
Marnier and Orange Zest. We also had Mojitos here.
Love on top: Cafe Grey Deluxe is Located on the 49th Floor of The Upper House
We had my Birthday Lunch here. Being the sweet tooth that I am,
 My favorite dish  here was the sticky toffee pudding. I'd come back here for that! :)
BREAD STREET: Tamarind Spiced Chicken Wings
London Modern and Vintage Look
BREAD STREET: Sheperd's Pie
18 Grams MK
Killing the time with (whatelse?) Coffee: Piccolo Latte here

My Favorite HK Airport Food: Popeye's (I wish they bring it back to MNL)

EBENEEZER: Donar Kebab
Lan Kwai Fun at Lan Kwai Fong

Lam Tsuen Stalls
White Chicken for lunch
#Followmeto The Peak <3
#WheninHongKong I always go to Lantau to pray and
 Tung Chung is my favorite shopping place in HK!
Went there back and forth around 4x :))

I hoard a lot in the supermarket (sorry, i'm fat! ;p)