The Frazzled Cook

3:03 PM Jess Lauchengco 0 Comments

I would describe The Frazzled Cook as a shabby chic/tuscany restaurant. It does have a "homey feeling". You'd notice that the chairs, tables and plates are all different. I was inspired to collect Matryoshka when I saw it there. What really made me happy is the Hello Kity Print present in TFC's spoon and fork (made me wanna take it home ;p)

When It comes to food, I'd say it's good but too small per serving. They really have a good "food styling". For our salad, we ordered Herbed and Chicken Salad. The chicken was so good and small strips of mangoes gave it a distinct taste. For our pasta, we had Truffle Pasta. It had 2 kinds mixed. pasta, - penne and rotini. For our Pizza, we had Pizza Caprese - it was ok but nothing special. And then we tried their Seafood Paella, it said for 3 but it was too small for us 3.  Ooohhh and don't forget to try their Home Brewed Iced Tea!

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