Zomato Meetup: Nikko's Baking Studio

4:26 PM Jess Lauchengco 2 Comments

Did you ever had that feeling of looking forward to coming home cooked meals? Well, If you had or you want to feel that, Nikko's Baking Studio is where you should be... I had never imagined that such charming place like Nikko's existed within reach my office. And as I am actually composing this one, I had already convinced a friend to visit the place to grab breakfast.

From what we have enjoyed, My top favorite was the Chorizo Empanada Kaliskis, It had that melting feeling when you take a bite of it.  It's something that you will be craving for.
Next was the Old Fashion Chocolate Cake -- #Srsly you should try this if you have such strong appetite for sweet food.
And lastly the Calamansi Pie, It had that balanced taste unlike any other Calamansi Pies that I had tasted before that was more of the "sour" side.

Moreover, the selection of food that we tried [in my very first Zomato Foodie Meetup, THANK YOU SO MUCH ZOMATO]  is really amazing. According to Nikko, most of it are what they really devour in their own home, some are recipes of her mom. And by the way, If you happen to be captivated by the paintings around the place, it was also painted by her mom.

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  1. Those cakes look so good, I'm drooling here.

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