JessXAriel: Living in a treehouse for a night

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Ariel and I had been living life out of habits lately, We'd wake up, go to a coffee shop to work, go to the gym, play with the dogs, eat, sleep and repeat. So when one day he says, "It's so hot, let's go somewhere else, Tagaytay maybe?". I immediately opened my airbnb app and showed him my hearted places.

If you wanna try out Airbnb, You can use my link here: to get P780 travel credit upon registration, P780 is about 60% discount of what you have to pay for a 1 Night Stay at the treehouse :)

So from there, we were lucky to have booked the Treehouse 2 days away from our trip. Well we did not end up in Tagaytay but in Batangas. Still nearby right? HAHA I have been anxious before heading to our trip because I was concerned about the restroom but when we got there, It was clean and Ok. They even do water recycling to water their plants (only biodegradable soaps are allowed) . The Caretakers are Ka-Betty and Ka-Boy, together with their daughter, they had welcomed us warmly.

The treehouse is all to ourselves but the public restrooms are located downstairs. Public? Yes it is. There are some cottages if you'd want to take a day trip. When we arrived, we had also been greeted by Howser, their 4-month old black labrador. The food may be offered by Ka-Betty at 250/head or you may opt to buy outside. We savoured Ka-Betty's food for our dinner and brunch the next day.

They served Chicken and their homegrown vegetables. We were also lucky to have tried Batangas' famous Sinaing na Tulingan, Tawilis and my new favorite Bulanglang. I have this recent discovery of Ginger Love. So anything that has ginger is really dear to me. We were too full from Supper and Brunch.

Inside the treehouse are just the basic things, A foam mattress by the floor, a fan and a stone sink. The treehouse is solar-powered and has a motion sensor spotlight at night. The cons here is only the Restroom because you had to go down whenever you feel like releasing it out but slumbering is really comfortable because of the fresh air, some fireflies even visited us by our temporary home. I had a hard time falling asleep lately but I did slept early that day. Woke up early to the sound of birds chirping and witnessing such a peaceful view.

There are Kayaks available if you want to explore the Lake Tambang. Our most memorable activity aside from living in a treehouse is going fishing. We even took Glitter with us in the boat. I was too happy too catch a fish for the very first time.
I also don't forget my trusty bug spray from my Vivo Lumio To-Go Kit everytime I travel. So far, this is really useful even when I'm at home.

This place had been a great breather for us two. Would you want to try living in a treehouse? You can book thru airbnb. Just sign up here. Happy Basic Living! :)

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