No More Bloated Face Project - What is Yakson House Philippines' Golki Therapy?

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When you're healthy inside, it radiates in your appearance. I've known about Yakson House Philippines through my best friend. When we were younger, our conversations revolved around bags, shoes and clothes but as we have reached our ages now, it shifted to Skin Care Regimens, Health Tips and Weight loss. Haha! Apparently, even if we worked out almost everyday, we still have that puffy cheeks, untoned arms and bulgy belly. It may also be a result of stress and hormonal imbalance that we end up looking so tired, having eye bags, pimples, uneven skin tone and facial Imbalance. Not that we are so into being beautiful but we believe that if you really feel good, it will eventually make you look good.

So as she researched through the internet (she really is good at this!), she found out about Yakson House residing in Makati. She shared it with me and we ended up getting really curious about Golki Therapy, their expertise.

So What is Golki Therapy? Grabbed the video from Yakson House Philippines Website.

Here are some of Yakson House PH Programs. Also took a photo of their bulletin boards:

Face Care

Facial Balance Care 
This is targeted to correct facial asymmetry. This is highly recommended if you don’t want to try fillers or implants
Facial Resizing Care
This massage helps to have good blood circulation resulting to getting rid of that puffy cheeks. If you've been wanting to have that V-Line contour, this is the Golki Massage for you
Special Skin Care
Instead of getting a botox or facelift, you should be trying this. Through Golki Massage, more oxygen is produced delaying the skin ageing process
Bride Care
If I have known about this months before my wedding, I would have tried this one out. You leave it to Yakson House to ensure that you have that pretty glow all day

Body Care

Body Golki Care
It stimulates the growth plates for balanced growth
Body Weight Care
It is an efficient weight loss program that keeps your muscles and skin firm
Pretty Body Care
It is also an efficient weight loss program focus on the bodies symmetry
Post Partum Care
Post-Care after giving birth

Special Body Care

Their Special body care targets problem areas such as Legs, Hips, Belly, Breast, Arms and Back. If you ever wonder what does Yakson means? It means Mother's Hands. You know you're really taken care of with these hands :) I will post my on-hand experience with Facial Resizing Program on this blog. I will also use the hashtag #jessiekaaainyakson in Instagram :)

To know more about Yakson House Makati please go to their website: 
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You can also do consultation, just visit them at:

Yakson House Philippines
G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village. Makati. Philippines
Mondays to Saturday: 10am-8pm
Sunday: closed
Contact Number: 02-892-9441