Yakson House Golki Therapy: Hot and Cold Stones

3:56 PM Jess Lauchengco 0 Comments

While I’m still at the middle of my facial resizing care program at Yakson House PH, I can’t help but be surprised  with the current results. Even my closest friends and family get to distinguish what has been improved from my face. My mom even told me a lot of times that my face is less chubbier now a days.
grabbed from:  http://yaksonhouse.blogspot.com/2014_03_01_archive.html
As what Ms. Kim told me, they do different kinds of therapy throughout the whole 10 sessions that I’m gonna get. So from cupping, we moved on yesterday to stone therapy. 

All along, I though that it was just hot stones but to my surprise, there were also cold stones.

The stones gliding through my face feels really relaxing. Hot stones, then cold stones, then then together. 

If you are curious with how the cold stones feel, it feels like ice gliding over your face but without melting.

The mask was also a new one, it’s called a modelling mask. I wasn't able to take photos since the house was full, no one to take the photos. Hopefully I can take photos of stone therapy on my next session. :)

You can also do consultation, just visit them at:

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