Yakson House Golki Therapy: Ginseng Mask

10:39 AM Jess Lauchengco 1 Comments

As part of the Golki Therapy, Yakson House PH not only focuses on getting your faces slimmed down, they also focus on getting you better skin. It makes you look like the "all-in-one" package (Great Skin and Small Face). 

As I have mentioned before, my favorite mask is modeling mask. I always close my eyes whenever I take my sessions, so I get to concentrate on the massages and sensation. From my last session, while I wait for the last part, I suddenly realized that the mask smells different. It smelled like a herb or roots.

So it turns out, the mask is "Ginseng". That's why I figured that it smells really "legit". The benefits of Ginseng through the skin is it improves the complexion and has anti-ageing benefit. From what I have read, it is also a great toner.

I'm nearing my last session with Yakson House PH and I can't wait to see the results. To everyone asking me if it's painful? Yes, it is a bit. But it is the good kind of pain knowing it helps you improve your bone structure and aids in the circulation of the blood.

1 comment:

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