Yakson House Golki Therapy: Updates on my no more bloated face project

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I’m about to have my next Yakson PH Golki session tomorrow morning as I write this blog now. When I was younger, I always say that I have really chubby face. I even bought face massagers from Japanese stores but I’m not sure if I was using it right all along. It is an advantage that I have found Yakson House PH, I never realized that there is a solution to my so called beauty problem.

Always been comfortable in this seat while I wait for my turn

Moving on, I have been talking about Stone Therapy for 2 blogs already but sadly I didn’t have photos to show. Finally, I was able to take photos since Ms. Kim was just finished doing therapy to another client during my last visit. Most of the time, they are fullybooked, so if I were you, you should be taking the move now, call Yakson House PH and book your very 1st session.

Stone!!! FTW!

Sequence from the last visit: Chest Care - Tummy Care - Shoulder - Hot and Cold Stone Therapy - Modelling Mask

Fave Mask!

If you are wondering, how do i look like now? My V-line is more visible than ever. Most of the time, i’m on a #nomakeup look and i can confidently say that I look better than before. I also started taking chia seeds everyday (I’m not sure if that helped but it’s a superfood anyway)

My recent photo at the Paws pet cafe in Trinoma #nomakeup

You can also do consultation, just visit them at:

Yakson House Philippines
G4 Perla Mansion 117 Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village. Makati. Philippines
Mondays to Saturday: 10am-8pm
Sunday: closed
Contact Number: 02-892-9441

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  1. Obviously that treatment didn't work.

    What next to try? ;)