Yakson House PH Golki: They will take care of you

6:36 AM Jess Lauchengco 0 Comments

My Golki therapy with Yakson House PH happened around 3 months. From the said months, I have encountered the nicest people who assisted me whenever I go there. One of the good things that they do is they remind you the night before of your scheduled session. It is really helpful since when you have a lot going on, sometimes you get to forget things.

They were also the sweetest when they text you or when they tell you that there is no available schedule anymore. They see to it that they provide you with time that fits your schedule. One funny thing i have to admit is, I get confused who is already doing the massages because they all sound a like. As I have mentioned before, I usually close my eyes the whole time so when they take turns, I'm really not sure if its Ms. Joan, Ms. Lisa or Ms. Kim anymore.

By the time we took the photo, Ms. Lisa was busy with another client. Thank you again to the gorgeous ladies of Yakson House Ph: Ms. Kim, Ms. Joan and Ms. Lisa. My Yakson experience would have not been completely awesome without you three! :)